Virtual Influencer Project

Instagram Virtual Influencer Project

The Brief

To create a digital head model to compositing over live photography for a virtual influencer account.



Initial quotes based on last project.

All quote using provided information. Further discussions required to finalize all details.

Character model creation est:

GBP £5000+

Variable based on requirement of hairstyles or accessories

Adding digital head to provided photos (posing, lighting, rendering and compositing):
GBP £400/image (neg depending on monthly volume)

Potential animated content

Gif Style:
GBP £1k-£2k each

Medium complexity video:
GBP £2k-£5k each

High Complexity Video:
GBP £10k+

The Next Steps

Upwork is currently not working for me, so I cannot make any bids on the account due to some technical isue they are looking into but are taking a long time to resolve.

So if you are intreested in working together at the moment on this project we will have to communicate directly.

Skype: giochrono

Whatsapp: 07862280148

Or any other chat platform you prefer, let me know.