Apeiron: Logo Design & Key Art
Apeiron Fantasy Game Logo design and Key Art

Project Description

For ER-Studios‘s upcoming third-person RPG fantasy game Apeiron, we were brought in to rebrand the game. With a  new title and direction, they needed a new logo and key art for their announcement at various games trade shows and for listing on various on-line stores such as steam.

Read on for more info on how we created it.

Client: Exiled-Republic LLC

Project: Apeiron Series Identity & Key Art

Art Director: Giorgos Chronopoulos

New Logo Design
fantasy video game logo design service

Rebrand and new logo design

The game was previously titled Tales of the Forgotten Heroes: Alchemist.

Looking at the previous logo design you can see here, it starts to become a problem when viewed on the old website header, the text and overall design is illegible at that size. So with us now on board, and the new provided shorter title, we had the opportunity to create a more fitting design to go with it.

The game was now being re titled Apeiron, from Greek meaning without end, boundless, limitless, infinite. After discussions on the direction on the game featuring a magical crystal and an ancient great tree that was all connected. we began to brainstorm those ideas further.

Apeiron Fantasy Game Logo design and Key Art


With the core idea based on the infinite, we wanted to incorporate that idea somehow. I immediately had a pretty clear vision of the infinity symbol created with branches of the trees wrapped around the crystal in the infinity sign in some form. 

fantasy game logo design concept

Full Logo and Title

Discussions on the font started very early on in discussions, so this informed the direction to take. With that in mind, the way the symbol was to be part of the title was always part of the design philosophy. thinking about how that symbol would integrate as part of the full title as well as work by itself in a simpler form. 

Once we put forward a few ideas, the client was super happy and things moved a long very quickly with no revisions required. We just proceeded to refine a chosen concept through the stages from initial discussions, sketches, to vector design presentations and then a 3D rendered final details version for cover art/key art.


fantasy game logo design concept
Clean Logo

After some refinement, we came to this design using base of the i to represent the great tree’s trunk, and balancing the leaves on the branches and referencing the crystal with two simple shapes when added to the curves of the ‘branches’.


Apeiron Fantasy Game Logo design and Key Art
Apeiron Fantasy Game Logo design and Key Art
Game Key Art

 While the logo design was being developed, we also started working on the key art in parallel.

The brief for the key art, was to depict a garden of Eden styles vista, with the main cast of characters looking out to the horizon. In the center, would be The Great Tress.

Apeiron Fantasy Game Logo design and Key Art

Unreal 5 Game Character Models

We took the game character models from Unreal 5, and reshaded them in Redshift in Maya. We also converted the Unreal rig over to one we could modfy in Maya and have more control for posing and potential future animation.

Apeiron: Fantasy Game Character from Unreal 5
Apeiron: Fantasy Game Character from Unreal 5
Apeiron: Fantasy Game Character from Unreal 5
Apeiron: Fantasy Game Character from Unreal 5

We needed to do some sculpting on the final poses and retouching in post to get them looking how we wanted. As these were also early versions of the characters..

Building Eden

We started a base landscape using Gaea, then brought that base into Maya, where we scattered trees, plants, grass and rocks to build up the scene. The shading and lighting was rendered using Redshift for Maya.

Apeiron Eden Landscape in Gaea Fantasy Game Key Art and Logo Design

The Great Tree

The Great Tree, had one side that was dying, so we have to incorporate that into the design.

Apeiron The Great Tree - Fantasy Game Key Art and Logo Design

Apeiron Series

You can see the game’s listing on Steam here:


Apeiron Preview Trailer:

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