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We have over 20 years of experience in the creative industry

Our clients include: Madison Wells Media, Microsoft, eBay inc, PayPal, Nike, Ford Motors, The U.N, and The Sun Newspaper…

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Who We Are
Art Director Lead Artist Animator at Talos Creative - Creator of The Talos Project

Gio Chronopoulos

Art Director, Lead Artist & Founder of Talos Creative

Talos Creative is lead by Gio, who undertakes many roles, not only managing the business, but as the very hands-on Art Director/Lead Artist to all projects.

Gio has been working full-time in the creative industry since the age of 19. His first job was at Striker 3D Ltd, as a character artist creating the 3D football comic strip which appeared in the The Sun, a UK National Newspaper. This also included working on graphics for other News Corp UK Ltd publications.

By 2008, Gio started freelancing. Within a month of launching his new website he landed projects working with clients such as Microsoft and the Ford Motor Company. Since then he has grown the business now known as Talos Creative, to focus on character-driven cinematic storytelling for games, film and comics.

He is also producing The Talos Project: A Cyberpunk Motion Comic.

Co-Op Mode

Supporting Gio is a dynamic team of remote adventurers who are assigned based on the quests difficulty level and their unique abilities to complete the task.

Apeiron Fantasy Game Logo design and Key Art

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