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Script & Storyboard Services

Talos Creative can work closely with you to execute your vision on how you want to tell the world about your game.

We love to be part of the whole creative process, so even If you need help with coming up with or polishing a draft script for your trailer, we can help.
We can lend our storytelling experience while also advising on how best to deliver the concept within your time or budget constraints in the most efficient way.

With a solid script to start, we can develop storyboards and animatics, taking care of every step all the way to final edit and audio. We can plan a campaign of content with you from an announcement teaser to final launch trailer and beyond, formatted for all social media platforms. We will be by your side every step of the way.

Character Design & Modelling

Stylised 3D to Photoreal Characters

Whether you have Unreal character assets available (which we can convert to our Maya rig system) or you need new high res cinematic characters created, we can take care of design or adaptation for use in a cinematic game trailer.  This can be in a various styles to match your game title including stylized 3D to photoreal using photogrammetry scanned actors and assets,

3d animated game trailer - stylized 3d cartoon character concept design and modelling for cinematics
Cinematic Game Trailer Services
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Script Writing
Character Design
Key Art
Logo Design / Animations
Motion Capture
Hair/Cloth Sim
Sound Design
Custom Music Composition
Announcement Teaser
Cinematic Game Trailer
Launch & Post Launch Content

Featured Projects

Utgard: Viking Game Announcement Trailer

For Lyber’s release of viking-themed mobile game Utgard, we worked with our client to put together this short cinematic teaser announcement trailer for them.

Cinematic Game Trailer viking game announcement
Apeiron Fantasy Game Logo design and Key Art

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Apeiron: Logo Design & Key Art

For ER-Studios‘s upcoming third-person RPG fantasy game Apeiron, we were brought in to rebrand the game. With a new title and direction, they needed a new logo and key art for their announcement at various games trade shows and for listing on various on-line stores such as steam.

You can Wishlist Apeiron on Steam Here

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