United Nations 75th Anniversary

Project Description

Talos Creative was commissioned to create an animation to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the forming of the U.N.

You can see more on the U.N website here: https://www.un.org/en/un75/finalreport


We had a fairly short turnaround of <3-4 weeks.


Project: UN75
Client: United Nations
Written and Produced by David Gough
Directed by: Gio Chronopoulos
Animation: Gio Chronopoulos
Tile models and texturing by: Anita Wiatr-Noireaud

In order to try to represent all the peoples of the world as one for one of the sequences, we opted for AI generated faces and morphing them seemlessly. Below you can see one clip using this effect.

“We very much appreciate all the hard work that has clearly gone into this wonderful film – it is truly impressive. I am excited to show it to the world!”

Jahan Rifai

Strategic Communication Consultant, The United Nations

United Nations 3D Animation Planet Earth

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