Creative Services

Concept Art & Design

The conceptual phase allows us to quickly iterate and discover creative solutions on the look of characters, environments, and assets before we go into the more time consuming process of modelling in 3D. This can also include key art and mood board work to help establish the look and tone of the project.

Chinatown Concept Art
Talos Animation Studio

3D Modelling & Sculpting

Whether your project needs a more cartoony stylised look, or you need photo-realism, we can take care of all 3D assets required. We also offer scanning solutions to capture the likeness of a real person and can then create a 1:1 accurate 3D model down to skin pore detail.

More Coming Soon…

• Concept Art & Design (Key art and storyboards etc)
• 3D Modelling
• 3D Texturing
• Animation (2.5D/3D)
• Motion Capture
• Character Rigging
• Complex Characters & Creatures
• Rendering (Redshift GPU)
• Compositing
• Editing
• Sound Design
• Web Comics

• Virtual Influencers
• Digital Likeness
• Game Trailers
• Board Game Trailers
• Short Films
• Trailers
• Commercials
• 3D Animatics
• 3D Scanning
• Social Media Content
• Product Renders
• Architectural/Interior Design Mockups

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