Mythology and Fiction Explained

Project Description

We were commissioned to create an animated intro video for popular YouTube Channel Mythology and Fiction Explained.

Project: YouTube Channel Intro
Directed by: Giorgos Chronopoulos

Creating the Scene

Fantasy Book Zbrush
The book model needed some ornate details so these metal corner pieces were modelled in ZBrush.
Then like most of the models, went through Substance Painter for texturing.
Fantasy Book Substance Painter

The table asset was actually originally scanned from a real wooden table using Agisoft PhotoScan.

Fantasy Book Substance Painter
Wooden Table 3D Scan
Mythology Fantasy Intro Fusion 9 Comp
The scene was rendered using Redshift. This was our first commercial project using the GPU renderer and the speed allowed a turnaround in a short time-frame.
Below you can see the comp using BlackMagic Design’s Fusion. You can make out the potion labels and other details. You may spot various references to potions and artefacts from fantasy fiction that I wanted to sneak in.

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