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PayPal Internal Video

Animated Video

TALOS Creative was contacted by Paypal’s Global Marketing Team to help develop an internal animated video that would help get the whole company from all levels and departments to understand the bigger picture of what PayPal aimed to accomplish in next few years.

I was lucky enough to be invited to their headquarters in San Jose, California to meet with the Global Marketing Team to discuss the ideas and direction for the video.

Since the final video is covered by NDA (futuristic tech secrets you don’t have clearance for 😉 ) below are some stills from the animation.

Creating the Cast

Silicon Valley

PayPal is a fast moving technology company so there were daily changes to the software and features resulting in an intense production which kept me on my toes. The video was initially set to represent features due in 2016, but within a few weeks it became 2015 and half-way through production one of the features was already being trialled in a few select towns and cities. Overall it was an amazing experience to meet the team and see their secret showcase room and what they have planned. Also they do damn nice steak in San Jose.

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