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Fantasy Characters

TALOS Creative specialises in the creation of realistic detailed characters and engaging cinematic animations.

TALOS Creative: Fantasy Wizard Animation
Fantasy Wizard 3D CGI Character Model
TALOS Creative: Fantasy 3D CG Cinematic Animation
TALOS Creative: Fantasy 3D CG Cinematic Animation

Above is a turntable render of one of the fantasy characters from a cinematic production. Turntable renders like this are used to show off the final model and make approval of the design easier for clients to sign off.

Detailed Lead Characters

TALOS is the ideal place if you need unique and highly detailed fantasy characters designed and modeled for your game or commercial. Below are some of the characters made over the years.

Below are a few high detail lead characters including knights, mages and an assassin. Oh and there’s a horse.

Low Poly Fantasy Characters

Below are the low poly fantasy characters created for long shots of crowds and battle scenes.

Please also check out some of my Fantasy Creature models

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If you need high quality fantasy creatures created for your project please get in touch