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Concept Art

Chinatown Cyberpunk Concept Art

Above: Concept Paintings from The Talos Project, a Cyberpunk Science Fiction Web Comic currently in production at TALOS Creative.

TALOS Creative offers concept art & design services in a variety of styles to suit the needs of a given project. From realistic science-fiction or fantasy themed work, to bright and whimsical cartoon characters we can work to any style. 2D concept art offers a way to quickly explore ideas before the much more time-consuming work of building 3D models begins. Iterating with brush strokes is the most efficient way to explore ideas in pre-production.

Character Design

Concept Art Future Soldier Helmet
fantasy characters and creatures

Stylised Art

Below are some stylised character designs more suited to children’s animations and games or commercials that require a more fun and light style and approach.

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