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The Brotherhood of Steel: Fantasy Animation Teaser Trailer

Brotherhood of Steel and The Tides of Darkness.

TALOS Creative has been working with HSI Creative Edge to develop animated CG characters and a series of cinematic video content to promote the launch of a new fantasy book series. For more info on the books, visit:

Character Modelling

One of the cast needed for the various animations we are creating required a detailed realistic mage character model that would hold up to close up shots.

Farod Wilhelm.

Quasi Mage of the astral order, Farod is a long-time supporter of the Carraldeon kings. A powerful Mage, respected by the other guilds, he leads the magical defense of empire, alongside the other loyal masters of the Mages Guilds.

TALOS Creative: fantasy animation of wizard character
Fantasy Wizard 3D CGI Character Model

Overlord – The Shining One.

The Overlord character will also feature in a full trailer in which he commands a huge army.

Below you can see the original concept art for the character.

Fantasy Concept Art
TALOS Creative: Fantasy 3D CG Cinematic Animation
TALOS Creative: Fantasy 3D CG Cinematic Animation

The Brotherhood of Steel: Teaser Breakdown

We are currently producing a ~5 minute version of the full trailer featuring a much larger cast, a huge army…two huge armies in fact in a vast landscape. More videos will be posted in the coming months. See some of the other models below.

Bartholomew St John

A powerful and learned cleric of the Triodon faith, Bartholomew has survived to become a Theolite. These priests start as cleric or, paladin then don the blue robe to become, teachers of upcoming knights. They will serve the remainder of their days in the one of the 5 abbeys throughout the empire.

Barak: The Rock Troll

Troll fantasy creature

War Chief and leader of his clan, Barak serves only the risen form of the foe. Trolls are the heavy hitters of the enemy’s ranks, usually ranging from 8ft to 12ft tall. Living in clans, they unite occasionally under the reign of a brutal war chief and always answer the call of the foe.

Triadon Knights and Horse

Triadon Knights fantasy characters

Sarus Druid

Sarus - fantasy characters

Fire Elemental

Fire Elemental fantasy creature


fantasy characters and creatures

Basilisks are the chosen mount of ethereal mages. They are predatory hunters and able to take on dragons when attacking in packs. These savage reptiles will kill and eat anything. Feared and respected, even trolls will hesitate to attack them.

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Rest fantasy characters

If you need a 3D CG fantasy animation for a teaser or trailer, please get in touch to see how we can help.