Animated Logos

Alternate version of TALOS Logo intro featured here in The Talos Project Teaser.

Animated logos are an important branding space through which you can immediately connect with your audience. Using the right audio and visual cues you can create something memorable. Using videos to market your business or project is hugely important. Even if you shoot and edit your own video in-house, intro and outro logo animations to brand your content will add value.

Games Company Logos

Beastly CG animated logo we completed for UK based games company Corsair Games Ltd, turning their logo into an agressive monster with sharp teeth consuming the rest of their company name.

This is a 3D Animated Logo Intro I created for BlackKnightGames.

Characters and Macots

TALOS can help you take an existing logo and bring it to life with animation through the use of characters and visual effects.

Above is a more elaborate example. A client wanted a character from his fantasy book series to feature in an animated logo on his website. Animating the gargoyle character took time and simulating the folding of the skin of his wings, swinging dreadlocks, muscles and small loin cloth also took some work to achieve. A fairly quick turn around was required however due to a huge cast of other characters needing to be built for a much larger full cinematic trailer to follow.

Logo Animation created for Liverpool Hope University.

TALOS Creative offers a range of styles from simple 2D motion graphic animations, to complex visual effects and character based cinematic sequences. We can work with you to develop logo animations that stand out from the crowd.

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