BubbleYum – Animated Commercial

Project Description

The concept was developed by Directors’ Gio Chronopoulos of Talos Creative, and Kevin Snyder of Twisted Genius Media to produce a spec animated commercial for a brand of bubblegum. We worked together in a very tight schedule to produce this animated spot.

Client: Twisted Genius Media

Project: 3D Animated Commercial

Directed by: Kevin Snyder

Concept design by: Gio Chronopoulos

Storyboard by: Paul Cohen

Animated by: Gio Chronopoulos


We began by sketching some concept art to design the look of our alien character before finalising the storyboard.

Character Modelling

Next began the process of taking the 2D concept and building the 3D models of the characters and rigging them.

3D Animated Commercial


Kevin Snyder, who wrote and directed this CG commercial wanted it to appeal to both parents and children. “The children should be drawn in by the bright colours and the out-of-this-world journey the boy takes, while the parents should be taken in by the message that BubbleYum can be used to keep their children entertained and occupied. I wanted to make a commercial that is seen through the eyes of a child. Child-like wonder is something that people everywhere can relate to, even if their grown-up day-to-day lives have caused their sense of wonder to atrophy a bit. The fact that the spot is completely free of spoken dialogue and instead relies solely on images means that it has a universal appeal and audience. In fact, everything in the spot—from the themes to the imagery—translates well into almost any culture and can be used to capture the imagination of people everywhere”

Animated Commercial - Alien

The Animation won an Golden Addy award for ‘Best Single Commerical’

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