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TALOS is an award-winning high-end creative boutique animation studio with a focus on character-driven cinematic storytelling. Creating highly detailed CG animation for on-line advertising as well as cinematic trailers and cut-scenes for the games industry.

Formed from GioChronoStudios, TALOS is the high-end division dedicated to highly detailed cinematic animation and illustration. It is also the studio behind the science-fiction web comic The Talos Project.

Lead by artist and writer Gio Chronopoulos, TALOS has over 14 years experience in the creative sector working for clients such as Microsoft, Ebay inc, Paypal, Nike, Ford Motors, The Sun Newspaper, News of the World and many more.

“I have been working full-time as an artist since I was 19. I knew from an early age I wanted a career in a creative role. Though I did consider a career in music for a time, my passion for drawing and painting (instilled in me by my mother) was much stronger. I actually wanted to design video games as I enjoyed writing stories and developing worlds and characters. I saw the artist role as a way into the industry initially. Once I started teaching myself modeling and animation however, I found I actually liked working at the high-end since back then game engines were fairly basic.”

3D Scanning and Photogrammetry

Gio Chronopoulos

Art Director & Lead Artist