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3D Scanning and Photogrammetry

TALOS has recently moved into the area of photogrammetry based 3D scanning. Using multiple high resolution cameras, a subject can be quickly captured from all angles and the data can be used to create accurate, high resolution models with matching high resolution texture data.

The head model above (of Art Director Gio) was captured with our in-house proprietary scanning pipeline and used in the test animation to demonstrate the capability for not only scanning detailed static heads, but to also quickly capture a variety of expressions that can later be animated by hand or as part of a facial capture system to create a performance. This combination of detailed realism along with the flexibility is an area currently being improved upon regularly to offer ever greater options to our clients.

Using Photogrammetry offers the advantage of capturing high resolution texture data that older methods cannot achieve. Unique textures are captured for each expression allowing all the subtle change in colouration as the blood moves under the skin as well as wrinkle detail is captured in ultra high definition.

If you need photo-real characters for a game, vfx or full cg animated cinematic trailer or sequence, then you may want to use our photogrammetry scanning pipeline to achieve high quality, detailed models of your characters. Get in touch if you have any questions or for a free consultation for your project.